October 2022

Your Prayer Guide To Reach The World

Vietnamese Christian missionary teaches children and teens in church
October 1

Help the Unreached Turn to Christ in Vietnam

After attending a local ministry’s meetings, a doctor with many idols asked native missionaries to pray for her to be able to believe in God. Three weeks later, she accepted Christ, and workers helped her drop her idols into the sea.

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October 2

Bring the Good News in Peru

People are hearing the gospel through digital platforms and radio programs that reach more than 200 towns. A local ministry’s radio station receives daily visits and phone calls from people seeking prayer, with many accepting Christ as Savior. Other workers giving away Bibles reported about 100 new Christians were recently baptized.

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October 3

Help Plant Churches in the Middle East

A young man who mocked a local ministry’s church online visited one of its worship services to revile Christians to their faces, but he was so touched by their peaceful replies and Scripture verses that he fell to his knees, repented and received Christ’s grace.

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October 4

Help Build Strong Disciples in Cameroon

A recent evangelistic event resulted in 174 people putting their faith in Christ. Among those saved was an area’s lead sorcerer, who then led the new Christians and local missionaries into the forest to destroy the villagers’ idols and renounce the power of their gods.

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October 5

Provide Evangelistic Tools and Training in China

A local missionary visited a home where several people heard her talk about Scripture, and one of those present obtained a Bible and later learned how to study it from the worker and other team members. The recipient put his faith in Christ, and his faith grew as he attended Bible studies and Sunday worship.

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October 6

Provide Aid for Refugees in Greece

Islamic terrorists tortured a young man and killed his father, so he fled as a refugee to Greece, where local missionaries led him to faith in Christ. In the course of providing aid, workers have multiple opportunities to share the gospel with people coming from troubled countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, including three who were so eager to declare their faith in Christ that they were baptized despite snowy weather.

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October 7

Help Proclaim Salvation in South Asia

A truck driver was paralyzed after suffering a stroke, and he could see only partially out of one eye. Local missionaries visited his family home and shared the gospel, and after putting his faith in Christ, he was able to walk and see again the same day.

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October 8

Provide Bibles to the Unreached in Africa

People are receiving Bibles in their native tongues of Swahili, French, Chichewa and Tumbuka, among others, and more copies are needed by both new Christians, displaced people and refugees. At a recent meeting in one south African country, a ministry leader led seven adults to Christ after handing out Bibles, and children also rejoiced to have Scripture in their own language.

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October 9

Announce Eternal Life in Christ in Indonesia

A high-caste villager visited a bamboo house church as often as possible, curious to know what Christians were doing. After several months he put his faith in Christ, leading to a heavy fine and the loss of his job, home and family relations. He told workers his eternal life with Christ was more valuable than all that he lost.

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October 10

Support Workers in their Outreach in Lebanon

Syrian refugees and Lebanese families hit hard by economic turmoil experienced the love of Christ through local missionaries helping them emotionally and physically. Workers provided food for 37,600 refugees from Syria and 18,720 Lebanese nationals over the course of six months.

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October 11

Help Cover Worker Expenses in Colombia

Many poor children, including destitute migrants fleeing Venezuela, have received food, clothing and other aid from local missionaries based in Colombia. Workers also gave the children’s parents Bible teaching and weekly literacy classes.

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October 12

Help Form and Grow Disciples in Nepal

In spite of pandemic restrictions, local missionaries were able to share the gospel through informal networks over a period of six months, with 99 people putting their trust in Christ. Many of them were among new Christians who participated in two discipleship trainings of in-depth Bible study and prayer.

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October 14

Help Bring Healing in China

A drug addict who expressed his resentment of Christianity by throwing rocks at church windows was admitted to a local ministry’s rehab center, where he gradually warmed to workers patiently caring for him. Initially scornful of Scripture, he eventually began reading it and learned to pray.

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October 15

Send the Message of Eternal Life in Nigeria

Distributing Bibles, visiting homes and proclaiming Christ in various venues, local missionaries brought the gospel to people from various walks of life. Providing education for children, water wells, health care and vocational training has also opened multiple avenues for proclaiming Christ’s salvation.

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October 16

Support Evangelistic Outreaches in Syria

An infirm mother called a local missionary at 3 a.m. seeking help for her son, who had left university under the spiritual oppression of a fortune teller. Workers visited and prayed for him, and his family saw him get freed from spiritual bondage; he slept that night for the first time in many years, and the entire family later received Christ’s salvation.

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October 17

Provide Critical Aid to Refugees in Spain

Refugees fleeing violence who did not know the Lord showed up at a local ministry’s center and received critically needed aid. The single people and families heard about Christ, many of them for the first time, at weekly evening meetings and also in online videos and films, as well as face-to-face conversations.

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Bangladeshi women carry bags of food under their arm
October 18

Help Bring the Love of Christ in Bangladesh

Local missionaries praise God for His faithfulness as they have continued to minister in spite of the pandemic. In one area where workers brought food to desperate families, including poor widows and the aged, a village chief was so impressed that he asked to learn about Jesus and the Bible and soon put his trust in Christ.

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October 19

Send the Gospel to the Lost in Africa

In a remote area where no one had ever seen a movie, people walked for miles to see the Jesus Film. They showed great interest in the message of salvation, with many of them just waiting for someone to show them how they can receive the Lord’s grace.

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October 20

Help Send Word of Salvation in South Asia

A 17-year-old girl happened to see a local missionary’s message on YouTube, and workers visited her home and answered her questions. They began a Bible study in her home that neighboring families are also attending.

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October 21

Support Local Missionaries in Zimbabwe

A native missionary sent to a remote area recently planted a church there. In the process of announcing Christ’s love to villagers, he helped reconcile a woman to her mother-in-law, citing the biblical narrative of Ruth and Naomi.

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October 22

Enable Gospel Proclamation in China

In spite of the pandemic, a local ministry provided 688 classes on biblical precepts. One student who came to Christ was happy to obtain a wide range of biblical knowledge, from putting the kingdom before worldly riches to trusting in the Lord’s promises.

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October 24

Help Grow Strong Churches in Laos

With about 1,700 people getting baptized and 16 house churches forming over the course of six months, follow-up teaching was crucial. Native missionaries gave trainings to encourage new Christians in their faith and deepen their understanding of basic principles and practices.

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Sri Lankan Christians stand in a circle worshiping God
October 25

Form New Christians in Sri Lanka

A student at a school of theology said his studies greatly helped him in personal matters and challenges. With help from donors, the institution makes theological training available at affordable rates, making such growth accessible to people from a variety of churches.

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October 26

Help Uplift Communities in North Africa

Amid the pandemic and times of insecurity and fear, a local ministry’s hospital provided a refuge of love, peace and healing. Workers carried out two major medical outreaches, restarted an outpatient clinic and offered dental care one day a week.

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